Here at Fuji Classics, we offer the opportunity to make your dream car a reality. With your vision and our expert guidance, we're able to source your build's foundation from either auction, dealership, or private party.

Working in collaboration with A.Q.M. Company, their specialist mechanics and painters are able to handle any kind of major mechanical work as well as aero fitment and painting.

Services available:
• Engine modification and overhauls
• Manual conversions
• Aero kit fitment
• Paint work & body repair
• General maintenance
• Roll cage installation
...and much more...

The process from start to finish will then be documented along the way with pictures and video. You can expect live video calls and routine updates on your car's progression. By the time it's exported you'll have a story to go along with your new dream car!

Feel free to contact us for additional information and pricing.


Vehicles being sold from our Japan lot can be further customized to your desired style and budget prior to being exported.

If you're looking for an HKS exhaust, some specific interior bits or having some coilovers installed we are able to source all types of parts that may be difficult to find overseas which also might be priced at a premium.

Whether it's OEM or aftermarket, all parts can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or via sites like Yahoo Auction, Mercari, and Up Garage.


Fuji Classics lot is in parallel with A.Q.M.'s car dealership which is located along a busy main stretch of highway through the city of Mishima.

If you are looking to have a vehicle stored until it's legal for export we got you covered.

Vehicles will be stored with theft deterrent devices such as tire locks, brake locks, and a car cover to keep your car out of the elements,

Our lot is under 24hour 4K video surveillance keeping you at peace of mind knowing your car is being properly stored.