1992 RX-7 Type-R - M'Sports

1992 RX-7 Type-R - M'Sports

From auction came this 1992 FD3S Type-R.

The sheet hinted at a great condition FD despite the paint condition.
As par for the course, this era of Japanese paint has atrocious clear coat and is notorious for failure so I wasn't surprised when the car arrived with the clear coat in this condition.

Upon further inspection I was pleasantly surprised when I found things like the OEM Battery cover, rear privacy tray, and OEM spare tire still intact and in great shape. 

Besides this Mazdaspeed muffer, this FD appears to be completely stock. 
Interior / exterior / engine modifications which makes for the perfect platform to build from. 

The staff from AQM got to work removing the factory bumpers and interior to prep for the installation for an M'Sports kits + Final Konnexion coilovers. 

I've been using Final Konnexion parts on all of these builds because the build quality is fantastic. For this FD I went with the premiere stealth series.
F: 12kg 
R: 12kg 

You might recognize these wheels as they came off my RX-8.
Ordered back in 2021, these are Yokohama Advan TC-4's wrapped in some Advan A052's. 
Front: 18x8.5  (255 / 35 / 18) 
Rear: 18x9.5 (265 / 35 / 18)

Here's a look at the undercarriage of this FD. 
Aside from the years of road grime build up, I'd say this chassis is very clean.

Progression of the M'Sports FD3S kit installation. 

I handed the staff paint & body work guys at AQM a disposable camera and requested they take some pictures during the painting process.
Here's the results.

Genuine FD3S Ganador mirrors

Step 1. Prepping for a complete respray.



Completed resprayed in a Mazda OEM color. 
46V Soul Red Crystal

Wet sanding and polishing step.

CarShopGlow bumper lights.

Picture's don't due this color justice!

Thank you again to the fantastic crew at A.Q.M. Company for transforming this RX-7.
(My camera battery died and when I replaced it the dates got reset) 

With the 7 loaded up on the truck we head off to Fuji Speedway for a photoshoot.

I'm so incredibly happy with how the FD turned out.
But wait! There's more.

The customer wanted to add some additional spice before having it exported.

Reinhard semi titanium exhaust system.

Miracle cross bar - top bar en-route

Vertex "King of Vertex" wheel and shift knob.

WORK Meister S1 (3P) 
18x9.5J +11