AT 🡺 MT Swapping a JZX100 Mark II

AT 🡺 MT Swapping a JZX100 Mark II

The goal of this build was to create an tidy, affordable, manual daily JZX100. 

Arriving at A.Q.M. Company, the Mark II gets prepped for the MT swap.

Coming from auction we picked up this grade 3 Mark II from Osaka.

The paint was faded and the interior was a bit less than desirable but the plan from the start was to re-spray the entire car the OEM pearl white and swap the interior out with tourer-v front and rear seats + door cards. 

A.Q.M. made quick work of getting the interior pulled apart for the JZX110 R154 swap. 

Still being manufactured by Toyota, OEM JZX110 parts were used for the swap. 

Next, A.Q.M.'s paint / body shop got their hands on the car and did a complete respray of the car in the OEM Pearl white (paint code 057.)

Out with the Grande interior and IN with the series 2 tourer-v front / rear seats. 

Series 2 trunk + center lights getting installed.

For some iconic styling, a set of Volk Racing Group AV 17x9J wheels were fitted to the car wrapped in brand new Kenda KR20 235/40/17's all around 

OEM Toyota shift boot and brake boot + Tourer-V center console swapped in. 

Front and rear bumpers are done from paint and re-installed on the car.
Brand new Final Konnexion LIMITED II coilovers are raised to max height in preparation to be transported to the port.

Series I Tourer-Vdoor cards installed.


FireSports front lip sourced via UpGarage.
Back to AQM to get this thing paint matched and fitted to the car.

Here's the final product.
Overall I'm extremely satisfied with how this build turned out and hope the future own enjoys their clean daily with cold AC.