Build Your Dream S15

Build Your Dream S15

From another dealership came this 99' March S15 Silvia.
First things first, get the car on a lift for a general inspection.First on the list of to do's, replace the worn coil-overs with a fresh set from Final Konnexion! 

Stealth series basic - keep it simple with some proper spring rates
Front: 8kg
Rear: 6kg
Fuel filter & hose replacement as well.

The undercarriage looks great!

Coilovers installed. 
Time for a new LSD 

New from NISMO - 1.5 WAY

The factory power steering rack was leaking, so we've replaced it with a brand new one from DMAX.

We've also replaced the rear suspension bits with some goodies from Kazama Auto + new tires on all 4 corners mounted to those snazzy chrome XT7's.

The car had some aftermarket arms in the front already.
Due to some clearance issues at full lock, we opted for new +40mm "D1-Spec" fenders from Kazama Auto. 

New FMIC from HPI. 

Next, we'll decide on which aero to go with and then re-spray the car in AR2 (Active Red)