Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R
May Production 1992年 / 平成 04年

Mileage: 97,000km (60,000 miles)
Color: Crystal White (326)
Engine: RB26DETT
Transmission: 5MT

For sale via consignment is this immaculate track focused BNR32.
Exceptionally well maintained with records to match.
Originally KH2 (Gun grey metallic) the car has been resprayed 326 (Crystal white) 

Former Mid Night team R32 GT-R
Previous video of the car in Feb. 2020

● Air Conditioning (AC Unit in glove box)
● ETC (Japanese Electronic Toll System)
● Rear View Camera (cable currently detached from audio console)

Engine / エンジン
fine-tuned (not full overhaul) at Front Row & Revolfe S.A. in 2019
Metal Head Gaskets
Standard size genuine pistons
High volume oil pump
Nismo Con Rod Metal Bearings
Valve seat cutting
Head & block surface polishing
Timing belt change
260 degree high cams
Reinforced valve springs
HKS GT2530 Twin Turbo
AutoSelect equal length stainless front pipe
700CC fuel injectors
High pressure fuel pump & fuel delivery pipes
F-Con V PRO Ver4.0 / EVC5 settings adjusted to all newly installed components
R35 GT-R ignition coils
GReddy oil cooler kit (incl .oil filter relocation)
Nismo engine mounts / transmission mounts
Trust triple layer intercooler & aluminum piping
High Capacity Baffled Oil Pan (Greddy?)
Fujitsubo Legalis Super R (JASMA 98-000026)

Transmission / ミッション
● R33 GT-R kouki transmission 
● Ogura twin plate clutch

Suspension / サスペンション / Brakes
● Quantum T5-RS Shocks / Penske 7.5oil + Zeal Xcoil F12k R10k (Installed Oct 2020)
● Front brakes: F50 caliper kits with 355” rotor (Installed Oct 2020)
● Rear brakes: 330” rotor (sumitomo stock calipers)
● KTS pillow tension rods (Installed Jan 2022)
● You’s Shop turn buckle adjustable front upper arms
● KTS HICAS cancel rod (Installed July 2021)
● FIELD Giken ATESSA controller
● Nismo GT L.S.D. Pro
● Rear member collars
● Do-Luck floor bar
● Fender inner bracings

Exterior / Aero parts
● Auto Garage TBK Bumper (Installed Aug 2021)
● Nismo 400R genuine underpanel (attached to TBK bumper)

Interior / インテリア
● Full roll cage including full interior (front side goes through dashboard)
● Nismo classic cluster
● Defi oil / water / oil pressure meter (Installed Aug 2019)
● Long Acre 17” wide mirror kit (Installed Oct 2020)

Wheels / Tires:
● Sakura 551 Wheels 9.5J / ATR 123S 265/35R18

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