Gabe's Testimonial

Gabe's Testimonial

Fuji Classics: 10/10, Would Recommend.

The experience of buying my 1992 Mazda/ ɛ̃fini FD3S RX-7 from Fuji Classics was an absolute dream, from start to finish. Tanner and Tony were both incredibly pleasant to work with. They’re both very detail-oriented and knowledgeable, but also very patient and kind, and are great communicators to boot. I really felt as though I was working with a trusted friend or business partner importing a car through these guys.

I also had the benefit of seeing some video documentation of the FD I purchased while it was still in Japan under Tanner’s care. Unlike a lot of importers that ship over cars in poor condition, slap a fresh coat of paint on, and call it good, Fuji Classics is much more picky, and I mean that in the best way — I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the car I was getting was healthy and in great shape.

The videos detailed maintenance being done on the car, including new gaskets, hoses, fluid changes, wheels/tires, and a general once-over of the vehicle. There was also a video-documented compression test done with a rotary-specific compression tester (very important!) which made me feel great knowing the 13B-REW in the FD was happy and healthy. 

I could just tell that Tanner really appreciated and enjoyed the process of tuning the car up before shipping it over to the states, and I love knowing more history about my Mazda than I think many owners of  imported RHD cars know.

Once I decided to purchase, things were simple; I flew on up to Portland, and rented a car to drive about 45 mins North to Cowlitz County, Washington where the car had already landed. Tony kindly picked me up at the rental car drop-off, and we headed to the shop so I could check out the FD for the first time.

All I can say is, “Wow.” The car truly exceeded my expectations seeing it in real life for the first time. Clean would be an understatement. The paint, the underside, the interior — It was everything I’d hoped for and more. 

Not to mention, the smattering of rad old-school JDM parts on the car gave it SO much personality. It was a 90s Japanese car nerd’s dream: Ganador, Knight Sports, Sexy Style, ARC, Blitz, Trust/GReddy, Recaro, A’PEXi, Advan, working pop-up headlights — the list went on, and I loved every little bit of it. The icing on the cake was that the car’s main key (it even came with the spare, by the way!) was inserted into a rad little red genuine Snap-on accessory that made it look like a screwdriver, and attached was a rotor-shaped “Judas Rotary Shop” 10th anniversary keychain. Cool down to the last detail.

The test drive was a blast. Adjusting to driving RHD for the first time while Tony and I laughed about me hitting the wipers instead of the turn signals a few times before my brain reprogrammed is a happy standout memory of the experience.

We took the car on some windy country roads. Driving my FD for the first time was borderline euphoric — it felt solid and planted on the road, made all the right rotary and turbo noises, and ripped up to 8,000+ RPM without a single hiccup. It was a riot feeling the sequential turbos do their thing, boosting 10-8-10psi as they should. I was hooked, and knew I’d finally found my dream car. I’ve loved all the cars I’ve had, but something about this one just felt right.

We headed back to the shop, signed the bill of sale, and we walked through the paperwork I’d need to title the car in the states. All the necessary documents (and more!) were there, and the car is now proudly sporting a US collector plate. 

I headed out on the 13-hour drive home the next morning. After working my way out of some super cool, lush mountain highways leaving Washington, that happy little rotary took on the drive like a champ, blasting up punishingly steep mountain freeways at 80mph in 90 degree heat, temps staying solid, riding smoothly home.

I’ve now had the Mazda for nearly a year, and it’s been nothing but great. I’ve started modifying it and working on it myself, and it’s been a really fun experience. People flip out when they see the car. Heck, I flip out when I see the car. I can’t help but peek out the window into the driveway at least a few times a day, as I’m still pretty much in disbelief that I own it.

I’m truly grateful to Tanner and Tony for the great experience. We still stay in touch, with Tanner sending me rad pictures of his current projects in Japan, and Tony keeping me updated on his nifty car projects, too. I not only gained a dream car, but I also gained a couple buds in the process, and I really think that says something about the kind of people they are. 

At the end of the day, when you’re embarking on an adventure like importing a car from Japan, the people you’re working with really, really matter. I’d absolutely recommend Fuji Classics to anyone, and won’t go through anyone else if I want to import another vehicle from Japan.