Building an URAS R33.4

Building an URAS R33.4

The goal on this particular build was to face-swap a R34 front end onto a ECR33. Challenge accepted! Let's find the right car to start with. 

From auction we purchased this R33 Skyline GTS-T
Low mileage, clean body panels and a GTR trunk made for a great platform to expand upon. 

Sporting a momo steering wheel and nismo shift knob, the interior of this skyline was overall in good condition aside from the torn up no-name bucket seat. No worries though as this will later get replaced by a nice pair of Recaros.

To match the R34 front end, a nice set R34 GTR wheels popped up on Yahoo Auction so we purchased them.

The owner Austin and I talked about the different aero kit options available for this build and ultimately decided on a URAS for the front bumper and front fenders. Final Konnexion was chosen for rear bumper and side skirts. The aggressive lines of the URAS kit pair very well with the sleek design of the Final Konnexion kit.

While waiting for the rest of the aero kit to be delivered, A.Q.M. performed general maintenance on the R33's RB25DET.
Timing belt, water pump, all new fluids, fuel filter, spark plugs get replaced and the valve cover gets painted in AQM's iconic red. 

An OEM R34 GTT hood is test fit to the front while the R34 GTR wheels get put on the car.

With all of the aero in the final stages of fitment before getting paint, owner of A.Q.M. Company, Minoru-san gazes at his shops creation. 

All aero is paint matched in the OEM QM1 color.

Once the car was complete, it was loaded up on A.Q.M's truck and driven up to the Anest Iwata Sky Lounge (formally known as the Mazda Turnpike) for a photoshoot. Unfortunately Mt. Fuji was hiding behind a layer of clouds on this particular day.

The last little addition to this Skyline was sourcing some Recaro SR3 Leman Edition seats from Yahoo auction for both the driver / passenger. 

Now that the R33.4 is complete it gets loaded up to be delivered to the Port where it was exported to the USA. Take care! 

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Since arriving in the USA, new owner Austin has further modified his R33.4 by installing a new Haltech ecu, GTR center caps, intercooler, and many more! This skyline is now show car ready.

Austin's R33.4 has already won several awards in 2022 including Best Nissan/Infinity at StanceWars Springfest in Seattle, WA.