1992 Mazda FD RX-7 Type R (RHD)

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Engine / エンジン

13B-REW - 110,000km
Completely stock
Mazdaspeed muffler

Compression test results in PSI. 
Front: 119 - 120 - 118
Rear:  120 - 116 - 119 

General maintenance completed. 
-Oil pan replaced
-Oil change
-Transmission fluid
-Rear diff re-sealed
-Differential fluid 
-HKS spark plugs
-Air cleaner
-NEW Battery

Exterior / Aero parts
M' Sports aero kit
-Front bumper
-Rear bumper 
Ganador Mirrors (genuine)
CarShopGlow bumper lights (LED)
Completely resprayed in OEM Mazda 46V Soul Red Crystal

Transmission / ミッション
5 Speed manual gearbox 

Suspension / サスペンション
NEW Final Konnexion Stealth series coilovers
Advan TC-4 wheels 
F: 18x8.5  +38
R: 18x9.5 +45
Advan A052 tires
F: 255/35/18
R: 265/35/18

Interior / インテリア
OEM Interior

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