JZX100 Mark II - Kazama Auto Promode

JZX100 Mark II - Kazama Auto Promode

The goal of this of this build was to create an eye catching daily with authentic JDM styling.

From auction we picked up this excellent condition Toyota JZX100 Mark II - Grande G edition. Most important, no rust, low mileage and mint interior.

The first modifications were installing some Final Konnexion stealth series coil overs and a general inspection of the cars condition. 

Next is prepping for the Kazama Auto promode aero. The lower portion of the car was painted in 2CF Pearl white to do away with the previous two-tone. 

For wheels, a set of 19" VOLK GT-C's in gold were chosen for this car. 
An old-school wheel that I think pairs very well with the aero soon to be fitted to this Mark II.

Kazama Auto Promode aero is mocked up to get fitment just right before spraying the remainder of parts.

For the interior, some absolutely MINT Tourer-V front/rear seats, door cards, carbon trim pieces, and more were sourced via Yahoo Auction. Once installed it really changes the entire dynamic of the interior. 

A series-2 trunk and rear tail lights were sourced via Yahoo Auction and installed/painted to give an overall cleaner look.

A Bride Zeta III "Type L - Japan Edition" is installed on genuine bride rails to replace the OEM Grande seat. Arguably not the most daily friendly seat, but it gives the next owner options in their build should they opt to swap to a 1JZ-GTE / MT transmission.

Overall I'm extremely satisfied with how this car turned out. 
I want to emphasize style and presence. Something that's guaranteed to turn some heads once it lands in the USA.

One final video walk-around to showcase the overall condition and craftsmanship done by A.Q.M. Company.

And that's all she wrote. Onto the loader truck to be transported to the Port and be exported to the USA. Enjoy!