Radiant Ebony Mazda RX-7

Radiant Ebony Mazda RX-7

Back in 2019 this Mazda FD3S RX-7 was the first car that Fuji Classics created. 
From start to finish I documented the cars progression via YouTube video's so I've included them in this blog.

Enjoy the video series:
From auction I picked up this Grade 3 RX-7. 
86,500km / 54,000 miles with great compression numbers although the paint wasn't in the greatest of condition but that didn't matter because the body was straight and I intended on respraying it anyways. 

After several months at a family friends workshop the car was resprayed in an OEM Mazda color. From the very limited production Shinka RX-8 came the color of choice, Radiant Ebony Mica.

In the next town over, a shop called Kimura Tire is well known to being THE spot to go to for wheels/tire fitment, alignments, and rotary maintenance.

Shop owner Kimura-san is extremely knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to be around and so the RX-7 got a fresh set of wheels with perfect fitment. 
Front - Advan RG-D2 (Hyper Black) 18x9.5 +45, 255/35/18 
Rear - Advan RG-D2 (Hyper Black) 18x10 +35, 265/35/18

A dark purple that phases between black and purple depending on how the light hits it. In my honest opinion this color rivals Nissan's Midnight Purple I.

Back in 2019, I hadn't established anywhere to really work on the car.
Luckily my next door neighbor at the time was a certified Toyota mechanic and helped with basic repairs. 

For the longest time I was unsure of the exact aero kit on the car.
A buddy that goes by Vonk sourced that the front bumper is an oldschool Knight Sports V4 bumper, side skirts are SEXY KNIGHTS and the mirrors are authentic Ganadors.

I had a chance to drive the car up to the Mazda Turnpike for a onceover before it was exported back to Washington State.

Once back in Washington State, new owner Gabe schedule a meet up with local cinematic talent Skuraweekly. Together they were able to create this fantastic work of art. 

Through Gabe's doing the RX-7 even made it's way into the intro of a Krispy Media cinematic.
Being Fuji Classics first car, this particular FD3S still means a LOT to me and I couldn't ask for a better new owner and friend than Gabe. 

His Instagram can be found here: luckyseven.fd